Lotte Super Location Under Fire for Sending Threatening Text to “Unfaithful” Customers

“We’re watching you.” – Lotte Super

A Lotte Super location in Korea has gone viral due to a threatening next that was sent to all of its customers.

The text reads as follows:

A new butcher shop opened across the street, so we’d like to warn you that anyone who goes there even once better not come back to our store. Forever and always.

We’re taking strong action. We ask for your understanding.

We have it hard enough as it is because of COVID, but a butcher shop just came in across the street…

We’re begging you.

We work hard, and we sell good quality products at low cost.. Please come to us.

And if you really have to, there are lots of other bucher shops besides the one across the street.

You’ve been to many places. Why does it have to be the butcher shop across the street?

We’re watching you.

– Lotte Super


As soon as the store came under fire for their threatening text, they posted a formal apology.

We’d like to formally apologize to our customers for the text we sent out on Saturday.

We’re deeply reflecting upon sending out that text rashly and by accident as a result of our hardships in light of COVID-19, so we ask that you forgive us and understand.

We’d like to bow our heads and apologize once more.

We’ll work harder to provide you with better service.

We apologize.

– Lotte Super

Despite their apology, netizens are criticizing the store with comments such as “I actually can’t believe they sent out that text to everybody”, “How much are they suffering?“, and “Seeing that text just makes me want to go to the other butcher shop even more“.

Source: Insight