“LOUD” Contestant Once Passed SM Entertainment’s Audition Before Joining P NATION

He passed both agencies with his vocals, but possesses strong SM visuals.

SBS‘s audition program LOUD has recently concluded its run, as they released the last episode of the show just a few days ago. As P NATION and JYP Entertainment both prepare to debut their newly formed boy groups, one particular trainee is making headlines for his past audition experience.

P NATION’s “LOUD” boy group | @PNATION_LOUD/Twitter

Oh Sung Jun, who is set to debut in P NATION’s upcoming boy group, has recently garnered the public’s interest for his surprising past. It has belatedly been revealed that the young trainee once successfully passed the final round of SM Entertainment‘s audition.

Oh Sung Jun’s SM Entertainment acceptance photo.

According to his Namu Wiki page, Oh Sung Jun was accepted into both P NATION and SM Entertainment around the same time back in 2019. He was accepted into both labels with his impressive vocals, despite being only 14-years-old (international age) at the time of his auditions.

After pondering each offer and agency, however, the 2005-er decided to pursue his dreams under Psy‘s label.

Oh Sung Jun’s official P NATION “LOUD” boy group profile photo | P NATION

Oh Sung Jun was recently revealed by P NATION as one of the final 7 members of the upcoming boy group, exciting all of his fans. While not many details have been revealed about the group, the conclusion of the show and the official profile photos seem to indicate that a formal debut is just around the corner.


Congratulations to Oh Sung Jun on making the final lineup! Make sure to keep an eye out for the debuts of both P NATION and JYP Entertainment’s LOUD boy groups.

Source: Namu Wiki