“LOUD” Eliminates A Fan Favorite, Viewers Are Devastated

Viewers are crushed after he came so close to debut.

PNATION has selected the 7 members to debut in their first boy group but fans of the survival show LOUD are crushed to see one member not make it to the end.


Daniel Jikal became a fast fan favorite with his impressive rap skills and charming personality.


Being from Los Angeles, California only helped Daniel build up an international fanbase with his ability to smoothly mix English and Korean.

During the final episode, Daniel ended up getting 29,506 votes but was eliminated by PSY after the agency’s evaluation.

Daniel remained graceful in the face of his loss, making a very eloquent speech in English with a bit of Korean.

They told me to speak in Korean but I’m just gonna speak English. PNATION Staff, PSY Producer-nim, really kamsahamida [Thank you]! Like, I learned so much and everyone in PNATION helped so much and I’m so thankful for that.

-Daniel Jikal

He continued to express his hopes to continue on with music in the future.

And to be honest, like in this journey through LOUD it was just amazing but honestly, like, this idol position, I just don’t feel like it was for me but it was so fun. And everyone here, up here, is such an amazing artist and I’m so thankful to be working with them. But yeah, I’m gonna continue working on my craft, working on my music, working on my videos and just keep achieving my dreams.

-Daniel Jikal

He then delivered an adorable shout out to his Mom & Dad before giving one last thanks.

But, yeah, thank you so much. And one more thing, Eomma [Mom], Appa [Dad], I know you’re watching me, I’m in Korea! Kamsahamnida [Thank you]!

-Daniel Jikal

Fans on Twitter were devastated to watch Daniel get eliminated, so much so that the name “Daniel” was trending for a large part of the day.

They were crushed to see that his kind heart and fun personality wouldn’t be a part of PNATION’s first boy group.

But fans aren’t ready to stop rooting for this talented trainee.

Even through their sadness, fans encouraged each other to continue to support Daniel in his future endeavors.

Whatever Daniel decides to do with his future, we know that he’ll be incredible. We wish him the best of luck and will keep our eyes out for him.

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