“Love O2O” Actress Zheng Shuang Revealed To Be Mother Of 2 Children, Accused Of Trying To Abort Them Before Birth

She used a surrogate mother, and wanted them aborted.

Chinese actress Zheng Shuang, who rose to fame as the female lead in mega-hit Chinese drama Love O2O, has been outed by her ex-boyfriend that she is a mother of two children, and has been accused of attempting to abort her surrogate children prior to their birth.

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According to a post made by her ex-boyfriend, Zhang Heng, he attempted to defend his actions of leaving China for the United States, and shared that he did so to protect his family.

Hello, this is Zhang Heng. It has been a while.

As you can see, I was put on the blacklist for searches again. Over the past year, unnecessary slander and cyber attacks have appeared on the internet again. My family is feeling very helpless due to my personal issues. They are exhausted and unable to live normal lives. As a result, we are unable to reunite, and I feel really uncomfortable.

I realized I can no longer be an ostrich, burying my head in the sand, because I am not the only person who faced this issue, but my cherished family did too. I decided I will not stay silent, to protect myself and my family, and to clear up some facts.

Rumors floating around the internet saying I scammed, borrowed from loan sharks, debt evasion, and ran away to the USA with money are all just rumors. I swear I have never done these things.

I am in the USA, but the reason why my family and I have been in the  USA for over a year is that we must protect and take care of two young and innocent lives. Staying in the USA is a situation we just can’t avoid.

I have hired a lawyer to handle all matters related to this, and I believe the facts will stand true in both Chinese and American court.

Finally, I beg the media and those in the public with any sense of justice to recognize the truth, and not believe internet rumors.

— Zhang Heng

Zhang Heng uploaded this post after various rumors surfaced on Chinese social media, claiming he scammed people, borrowed money using Zheng Shuang’s name, and ran away to the USA to avoid paying back his debts. The two also started an agency together, and an additional rumor was that he ran away with the company money after they split in December 2019.

However, this was not the most surprising thing from the post. Zhang Heng attached a photo of himself with two children outside of their house in the United States.

The mother of the children was revealed to be Zheng Shuang via a surrogate mother. Following Zhang Heng’s post, his friend revealed the birth certificates of the two children, both stating Zheng Shuang as the mother. One child was born via surrogate in Colorado on December 19, 2019, the other in Nevada on January 4, 2020.

While it has not been confirmed that the child is Zheng Shuang’s, the details on both birth certificates match both her and Zhang Heng. In addition, the two are scheduled for a court hearing related to Dissolution & Permanent Orders, which are usually meant for divorce or child custody proceedings.

To make matters worse, a series of recordings was released, with both Zheng Shuang’s parents and Zheng Shuang herself lobbying for the abortion of the children. The first audio clip is just the fathers talking.

Zheng Shuang’s father: What we’re talking about now is what we’re going to do with the children. We discussed… we don’t want them. Because of this situation, the two of them have separated, there’s nobody to raise them. Just tell the hospital, abandon them.

Zhang Heng’s father: We can’t do that. You think it’s that simple?

Zheng Shuang’s father: No, I’m saying you can just tell them “if possible, just abandon them…”

Zhang Heng’s father: That’s illegal in the United States, do you know that?

Zheng Shuang’s father: Then what are you going to do? We have to do… -cuts out-

However, in the second audio clip, both Zhen Shuang herself, and her mother get involved as well, and this is where Zheng Shuang herself mentions the idea of abortion.

Zhang Heng’s father: I can’t be like the two of them [Zhang Heng and Zheng Shuang].

Zheng Shuang’s father: With these two… Words can’t keep them [together]. If they can’t reconcile, then we can’t keep the two children.

Zhang Heng’s father: What do you mean we can’t keep them? That’s not a problem we can solve right now.

Zheng Shuang’s father: What can be done about adoption in the USA?

Zheng Shuang’s mother: We consulted with the lawyer about that. We…

Zhang Heng’s father: What does adopting in the USA mean? I don’t get it.

Zheng Shuang: Really. We don’t understand this idea either. That’s why when we found out about it, I was thinking about this issue myself. I was really mad, since I wanted to ask Zhang Heng about it. Now that he knows, he has things he wants to do about it. But first, help us resolve the issue at hand. What do we do with the children? I was nervous at the time [unclear what time], I want to say we should take responsibility for what we did.

Zhang Heng’s father: I understand what you’re saying. Whatever Zhang Heng says, I won’t… say it. He said there was that thing…

Zheng Shuang’s father: Ask the Americans. They should know. They have that [abortion].

Zheng Shuang: We really can’t abort these babies? Fuck, it’s so annoying.

Zheng Shuang’s father: If you can’t abort them, give them up for adoption.

Zheng Shuang’s mother: Our logic is this. We consulted with the lawyer since it involves two lives and they can’t be aborted. Overseas, it’s not even at six months, but just three months old [for most places]. Some don’t let you abort. There’s still one way, the two [babies] aren’t mature yet. Since [Zheng Shuang and Zhang Heng] aren’t together, the potential harm to both parties is immense. So we’re saying, don’t keep them. The other way is to give them up for adoption. Just let them be born then give them to someone else. Then both of you will be forgotten.

Zheng Shuang’s father: We’ll create some set of requirements for the person adopting them. Some kind of host. What requirements are we looking for?

Zheng Shuang: Don’t just think about finding a host family…

Zheng Shuang’s mother: Maybe an organization will want money to take them…

Zheng Shuang: If it’s money we’re talking about with an organization, if money needs to be spent, spend it.

Zheng Shuang’s mother: You’ll never see the children. Say someone adopts them. The people adopting them don’t wish for their children to grow up and then suddenly say “you’re my birth parents”. If the children are 20 and then the birth parents come looking for them, the adopting parents raised them for nothing.

As of now, Zheng Shuang has responded to the news, releasing a post on her official Weibo.

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