This Loveline On “Extraordinary Attorney Woo” Has Some Viewers Turning Their Back On The Drama Entirely

“Yesterday’s episode made me wonder if the same writer wrote it…”

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We’ve previously covered the vitriol many viewers of Extraordinary Attorney Woo have for Kwon Min Woo, a character in the drama.

The character, who is shown as callous and indifferent towards Attorney Woo Young Woo’s condition, has become a symbol for many that represent all that is wrong with Korean society today.

More recently, netizens on chauvinistic online communities have started defending the character as one of their own, adding fuel to the disdain many viewers have for the character.

It seems the hate for the character is so strong that many aren’t interested in any type of redemption for the character.

On the August 10 episode of the drama, Kwon Min Woo and Woo Young Woo’s friend and colleague, Choi Soo Yeon, were portrayed as possibly having feelings for one another. It was also revealed that the biggest driving force for Kwon Min Woo wasn’t his ambition but his sick father.

Ha Yoon Kyung as Choi Soo Yeon | ENA

Also, in the teaser video for the following episode, Kwon Min Woo and Choi Soo Yeon are seen possibly confirming their feelings for one another.

Joo Jong Hyuk as Kwon Min Woo (left) and Ha Yoon Kyung (right) | ENA


Netizens couldn’t hide their shock and disappointment at the scene. In the comment section of the teaser video, netizens criticized the scenes with many simply refusing to ship Kwon Min Woo and Choi Soo Yeon.



  • “Yesterday’s episode made me wonder if the same writer wrote it. I paid for Netflix to watch the show, don’t ruin the story like this.”
  • “Kwon-Technician seems he is about to hit to lotto. Soo Yeon is like sunshine on a spring day, who is both beautiful, kind, and comes from a good family. I guess she doesn’t have an eye for men, though.”
  • “What is the writer doing all of a sudden? Breaking up Woo Young Woo, then setting up Kwon-Technician, and then giving Jung Myung Suk an illness?
  • “Please don’t disappoint me today. I will be watching the live episode.”
  • “Young Woo has Lee Jun Ho, but why is Soo Yeon with Kwon Min Woo? What is wrong with our Soo Yeon!!!”
  • “Seriously, the writer is making this story out to be quite disappointing.”
  • “You barely imitate a law drama, and now you’re forcing it to be a romance drama? I have nothing to say.”

It seems many viewers are not happy with the possibility of a Kwon Min Woo — Choi Soo Yeon pairing. What are your thoughts?


Source: Naver

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