“Lovely Runner” Actor Byeon Woo Seok Shocks Netizens With His “Unbelievable” Height And Proportions Next To Other People

Some say he was with actress Kim Da Mi, who also looked tall!

Lovely Runner actor Byeon Woo Seok has shocked netizens with his “unrealistic” height and body proportions.

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Along with his acting and amazing visuals, Byeon Woo Seok is known for his unreal proportions and height, standing at 189cm.

| @byeonwooseok/Instagram
| @byeonwooseok/Instagram
| @byeonwooseok/Instagram

A video is gaining attention online really showcasing Byeon Woo Seok’s height next to others. In the clip from May 15, Byeon Woo Seok is walking, and he towers over everyone around him.

As Byeon Woo Seok continues walking and there are more people around, his tall height and unreal proportions become even more pronounced. Many believe the woman with him is actress Kim Da Mi, as they are shooting a project together, and even her height shocked fans as she didn’t to have that much of a height difference.

In a screenshot from the video, the proportions of Byeon Woo Seok seem unreal and he towers over everyone around him, even the security guard.


In the comments, netizens couldn’t get over how tall Byeon Woo Seok and his unreal proportions when surrounded by other “normal” height people. Others pointed out that if the woman was really Kim Da Mi, she was also tall.

| theqoo
  • “Wow, look at his proportions.”
  • “Wow, he’s so unrealistic. If you see him in real life, it’s gonna be like, ‘Whooooa, unbelievable.’
  • “So fascinating.”
  • “His proportions are insane.”
| theqoo
  • “The woman next to him seemed cool, too, and it turned out to be Ms. Kim Da Mi.”
  • “He’s a gift given by the heavens…”
  • “I feel like if I saw him in person, I’d just tremble at his sheer height and physicality.”
  • “Heartwarming, really…”
  • “Wow… How could such a body be born?”
  • “Really, though… What were his parents eating? How did they even make him…?!”

Byeon Woo Seok might be tall, but seeing him around others makes it even more shocking.

Source: theqoo

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