Lovelyz’s Baby Soul Lost 35lbs After Her Group Disbanded

Here’s what went down.

It was recently brought to light that Lovelyz‘s Baby Soul (now also known as Lee Sujeong) lost 35 lbs (16kg) after her group disbanded. During an interview on the YouTube channel Whereabout Olympics, she shared that she had lost around 35 lbs since the last time she was in the spotlight. While she had not set out to lose that much weight, she did start her diet thinking that she should shed some pounds. Although she only talked about it briefly, fans were shocked to find out the amount of weight she lost.

Back during her days as part of Lovelyz, she had never been overweight. But thanks to her petite height and round, youthful face, the weight loss was made even more obvious. Here’s a picture from her promotions a few years back.

Lovelyz’s last release was “Obliviate” in September 2020. During the two years away from the spotlight, she has been working on her solo music as well as dieting. She is the only member from Lovelyz to remain with Woollim Entertainment.

Fans began to notice the weight loss when the girls gathered in early 2022 for Yein‘s solo fan meeting. Her frame was visibly smaller and her legs slim.

Baby Soul is third from left. | theqoo

Come April 2022, Baby Soul greeted fans once again with her angelic voice. She treated everyone to a live performance on the streets,

Fans praised her for her efforts and hard work, as well as cheered on her new start.

Her new album will only be released on April 26, 2022 at 6pm KST, here is a short snippet of her new song “COSMOS”. Congratulations to Baby Soul on her second debut as a solo artist!

Source: Whereabout Olympics