Lovelyz Drops Their Comeback Single “Obliviate”

Lovelyz is back on the scene after a long hiatus!

After a year-and-four-month hiatus, Lovelyz has finally made their comeback with the single “Obliviate.”

| woolliment/Youtube

Their 7th mini album UNFORGETTABLE features six tracks that show a maturation of their sound, with the underlying theme of memories.

| woolliment/Youtube 

In the press release, Woolim Entertainment commented

The 7th mini album from Lovelyz is set to release after a long wait. We are certain it will live up to the expectations of fans who have waited so long. We would appreciate your support of the special fantasy story from Lovelyz.

| Kstyle

UNFORGETTABLE was released on various streaming sites on September 1. Watch the full video for the lead single “Obliviate” here: