Lovelyz’s Kei Flirted With Dreamcatcher’s SuA For An Entire Phone Call, And SuA Couldn’t Take It

Their friendship is so adorable!

Dreamcatcher‘s SuA just had the cutest interaction with Lovelyz‘s Kei, and it’s warming the hearts of fans everywhere!

SuA and Kei | DC App

In a recent episode of Dreamcatcher Mind, the group’s first solo reality show, the members sat down together, eating good food and playing drinking games!

One of the games they played was “Call your acquaintance and have them say the given word” game, and they picked two of their most social members for the game, SuA and Gahyeon, with the rest betting on who would be the winner!

The words they decided on were “Are you sick?”, “Why are you so clingy?”, “Let’s have chicken and beer”, and “calm down”!

SuA called her acquaintance first, who turned out to be Lovelyz’s Kei, and the whole conversation was super wholesome! The first question SuA asked her was, “I’m craving alcohol [ssul]. What should I get?”, and Kei adorably responded with “Something you can quickly grab? My lips [ip ssul]?, making everyone erupt into laughter at her cheesiness!

And Kei kept up the flirting the whole call! When SuA then asked her, “What should we do when we meet?”, Kei answered with, “When we meet? We should hug~”!

This round ended with Kei managing to get one of the words right (chicken and beer), and ended the call with an adorable message of support for Dreamcatcher!

I love Dreamcatcher so much. Please show lots of love for them. I already love them so much.


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We’re loving this adorable friendship! Watch the whole thing here!

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