Lovelyz’s Mijoo Hilariously Recalls When She Felt Betrayed By An NCT Fan For Not Stanning Her First

It was a moment that truly gained her even more fans!

Lovelyz‘s Mijoo loves her fans as much as they love her, so when a fan walked up to her and complimented her visuals, she was ecstatic…till she saw what was on the back of their phone covers!


Mijoo recently shot a pictorial with 1st Look magazine, and also sat down for a “picture explanation” interview with them for their Youtube channel, where fans sent in certain photos of her and she gave the context they want!

One of the photos she was asked to “explain” was this one, where a fan took a photo of her side profile as she was turning around to face them, and captioned it as “Please give an explanation about controlling other fans’ to become your fan”.

Mijoo explained how she was walking when this fan was walking behind her and began to compliment her, saying she was super pretty! When Mijoo turned to thank the fan and talk to her, she was immediately greeted with a phone that had a picture of NCT at the back!

I remember this person, It was very cold that day. She was right behind me. [She said] ‘Mijoo’s so pretty, it’s insane.’ [So I thought] ‘Oh, she must be a Lovelinus.’ So I thought she liked me already.

I looked back thinking that, but she had a picture of NCT on the back of her phone!


She then hilariously shared how she immediately began grilling the fan for not noticing her beauty earlier, and stanning NCT first!

[I said] ‘You told me you loved me. What is this! How could you! What took you so long!’ I asked her what took her so long to realise I was pretty. I want to know how she’s doing as well…


Well, with Mijoo’s visuals and her endless charm, it’s safe to say she probably won over tons more fans after that!

Watch the whole thing here!