Lovelyz’s Mijoo Opens Up About Crying When Her Parents Read Hate Comments

“I broke down sobbing after seeing that…”

Lovelyz’s Mijoo recently participated in a photo-shoot and interview with The Star Magazine. In fact, she even got to pick the concept of her shoot which gave it a unique Mijoo charm.

She opened up about her personality and her struggles with hate comments.

Q: Where do you get your playful energy from?

I don’t even know when my personality became fun-loving and energetic. I guess it’s because I grew closer to my fans after debuting. If I hadn’t become a celebrity, I think I would become a kindergarten teacher. With my energy, I won’t be exhausted after playing with children all day.

– Mijoo

Q: How do you deal with the hate comments you receive?

In the past, they used to hurt my feelings, but now there are so many more people who like me so I don’t worry about them too much. I don’t want to change myself because of those kinds of people.

– Mijoo

However, Mijoo did remember a particular time when she became very upset over hate comments.

Once there were hate comments on an article about me, and beneath those hate comments, I saw that someone had written a comment that said “Mijoo is pretty”. Anyone could see that it was my mother’s ID. I broke down sobbing after seeing that.

– Mijoo

To end on a happy note, when asked about the happiest moment of her career, Mijoo responded with:

It was the moment I debuted. I was so desperate to debut. I hope Lovelyz grows more in the future. That’s both my goal and my dream.

– Mijoo

Source: Naver