Lovelyz’s Mijoo Slips on Stage and Suffers Severe Ankle Injury

The severe rain in Pohang made the stage very slippery.

Lovelyz recently performed at The Show With 2019 Pohang K-Pop Concert where Mijoo slipped on stage and suffered a severe ankle injury.

On the day of the performance, there was a lot of rain, causing for the stage to get very slippery.

And for that reason, Mijoo ended up getting into an unforeseen accident.

While performing “Beautiful Days”, Mijoo slipped on the slippery stage and fell to the ground.

Fortunately, Mijoo got back up and proceeded with the performance.

But she must have been in a lot of pain because she was spotted plopping down again and even showing tears toward the end of the performance.

It’s been reported that this injury was the same one that Mijoo suffered 3 years ago.

During a past 2016 performance, Mijoo injured her right ankle, causing great worry amongst her fans.

For that reason, fans are hoping that Mijoo recovers well and the injury doesn’t get any worse.

Source: Dispatch