Lovelyz Sexually Harassed During Fan Signing For Wearing Short Dresses

The alleged fan called out vulgar phrases.

Lovelyz recently held a special fan sign event, where the members matched in beautiful, flowy white dresses.


Near the end of the event, the girls stood up in the front as they posed for their fans. However, one alleged fan began telling Yoo Jiae to “lift up [her] leg” in the short hemmed dress.


As soon as she heard the vulgar demand, Yoo Jiae looked absolutely shocked as she wondered if she heard it correctly. As the fan continued to demand that she lift her leg, she immediately became disgusted by his actions.


The fan then moved on to tell Mijoo to lift her leg. Mijoo’s face immediately turned sour as she glared at an area where the alleged fan was presumably sitting.


Realizing Yoo Jiae’s expression, another female fan comforted her. Only then was Jiae able to give a small smile again.

“Jiae unnie. Jiae unnie. Make sure you eat well…”

— Female Fan


Watching the video, Lovelyz fans began criticizing the alleged fan for his unacceptable behavior. They questioned why the fan wasn’t immediately kicked out and blacklisted.

  • “Wtf is wrong with that guy??? Having a mouth doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a filter… He better not go around telling people he’s a fan… Disgusting ㅠㅠㅠㅠ”
  • “I really hate this kind of sh*t. I hope he gets blacklisted…”
  • “He needs to f*cking die..”
  • “It’s ridiculous how they didn’t do anything about him…. The members who were harassed didn’t know what to do…. They should’ve blacklisted him and kicked him out.”
  • “This psycho needs to just stop breathing and die”
  • “I hate it when these pieces of sh*t ruin a perfectly good fan signing. He needs to be arrested for sexual harassment!”
Source: Insight