Lovelyz’s Yoo Jiae Refuses To Diet Because She Believes In This One Good Reason

She’s stopped dieting for years!

Lovelyz‘s Yoo Jiae was recently featured on an interview with BNT Magazine, where she revealed that she doesn’t diet at all!


She explained that she’s stopped dieting since their “Destiny” promotions. She believes that all idols should be focusing on their health instead of focusing on how much they weigh.

Ever since our ‘Destiny’ promotions, I’ve stopped dieting. I think you can only be in this career if you’re healthy.

— Yoo Jiae


She also confessed that the Lovelyz members always share midnight snacks together, a concept that is banned for anyone who’s on a strict diet!

We always order late night snacks when we’re at our dorm. We each have different tastes so we order a variety of food.

— Yoo Jiae


Yoo Jiae brings light to a very important issue among all idols – health should always come before their weight!

Source: My Daily