Lovelyz’s Yoo Jiae Speculated To Join YG KPLUS After Netizens Noticed Something On Social Media

Will we see her as a solo artist soon?

Lovelyz‘s Yoo Jiae has been speculated to be joining YG KPLUS. As many fans would know, most of the group has left Woollim Entertainment after the end of their contract. Only Baby Soul, who will now promote under her real name, Lee Soo Jung, renewed with the company.

With Mijoo joining Antenna, everyone is waiting to see where the other members will go. A netizen’s sleuthing on Yoo Jiae’s social media soon sparked speculations that she would be joining YG KPLUS, a subsidiary of YG Entertainment for models, entertainers and actors.

| @9.3.0521/Instagram

The speculation came when it was found out that the CEO of YG KPLUS, Ko Eun Kyoung, was following Yoo Jiae’s personal Instagram. Yoo Jiae also follows her.

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As Ko Eun Kyoung only follows artists under her agency as well as acquaintances and already famous celebrities, fans couldn’t help but wonder if Yoo Jiae would be joining the company soon.

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Although not all of such cases end up with the artist joining the agency, it is a fair sign of interest from the higher ups. Fans are hoping that the news is true and that they might see Yoo Jiae in small acting or hosting roles soon.

Source: pann