Lovelyz’s Kei Explains Why She Decided To Use Her Birth Name For Her Solo Debut

She thought long and hard about it and came to this conclusion.

Lovelyz‘s Kei recently made her solo debut but she decided to promote under her birth name, Kim Jiyeon, instead of her stagename Kei for her solo debut.


During an interview, she revealed that she came to that conclusion after a long discussion with her agency and by herself. Her CEO and she ultimately decided that it would be good for her to be known by her birth name.

I contemplated about it a lot. People know me as Kei so I wondered if it was right for me to debut as Kei.

I talked with my CEO about my name a lot, and he said that it would be good for me to be known as Kim Jiyeon. I also agreed with him.

— Kei (Kim Jiyeon)


However, she couldn’t let go of her stage name “Kei” that she’s been promoting as ever since her debut with Lovelyz. That’s why she compromised it to stylizing her name as “Kei (Kim Jiyeon)” on her solo debut!

I wanted to use my birth name but I also didn’t want to let go of the name Kei, so I decided to stylize it as Kei (Kim Jiyeon).

I think I’ll have to work hard for people to get to know Kim Jiyeon. I want to show Kim Jiyeon’s sincerity and my image as Kim Jiyeon.

— Kei (Kim Jiyeon)


Whether it be Kei or Kim Jiyeon, she’s ready to make her mark in the industry with her brand new beginning as Kei (Kim Jiyeon)! Check out Kei (Kim Jiyeon)’s solo debut song, “I Go”, below:

Source: Spotv News