Lovelyz’s Music Bank Stage Was A Total Mess, And Their Fans Are Pissed

Fans are up in arms over “Music Bank’s” bad camera work.

Fans are furious after seeing Lovelyz‘s comeback stage on Music Bank‘s June 29 episode.


This special episode celebrated Music Bank‘s 20th anniversary and featured performances by a variety of idol groups, including Lovelyz, TWICE(G)I-DLE, BTOB, Stray Kids, DAY6, SHINee, Red Velvet, MAMAMOO, and MOMOLAND.


Out of all these groups, it seems that Lovelyz experienced the most technological difficulties, all of which were completely beyond their control.


Fans who watched the show from home ended up having a much different viewing experience than in-studio viewers, due to bad camera work. First, Lovelyz’s “Wag-zak” performance was interrupted by a random backstage shot.

Although the show’s tech team quickly realized their mistake, the brief shot was jarring and took viewers out of the moment.


Seconds later, two staff members can be seen filming on stage with a steady cam.


Unfortunately, the blunders did not end there. Staff members then walked right in front of Lovelyz, completely obscuring them from viewers.


Fans are now expressing their anger, on Lovelyz’s behalf. The bad camera work spoiled their viewing experience and took focus away from Lovelyz’s comeback.


Some fans are hoping Music Bank will issue an apology…


…while others say that more extreme measures should be taken.


Unfortunately, this is not the only time that Lovelyz has fallen victim to terrible camera work. Lovelyz had a similar experience during an episode of Show! Music Core. The camera operators’ constant zooming ended up giving viewers motion sickness and distracting from Lovelyz’s choreography.


At times, it seemed like the cameras had no idea where to aim…


…and there was noticeable shaking near the end.


Hopefully, Music Bank marks the last time Lovelyz will experience camera issues because these talented girls deserve only the best!


To see Lovelyz’s full Music Bank performance, check out the video here.


You can also watch their Show! Music Core appearance here.