Alleged Gaslighting Victim of WayV’s Lucas Details His Past Wrongdoings In A Tell-All Letter

She claims he forced her to have sex, went to massage parlors as a student, and more.

WayV‘s Lucas was recently embroiled in a series of scandals as a total of three victims have stepped up to speak out against him. The first victim has updated her case on August 26, 2021, providing more details.

The victim, who is the only Korean out of the three, updated her Twitter to share that he seemed to be using the same methods on the three girls.

Do you memorize the same lines when flirting? You seem like a serial criminal because I heard the exact same lines that the Chinese fan heard from you. ‘I only read your letters,’ ‘I don’t read other fan letters,’ ‘I am good at reading people, and you seem like a nice girl,’ ‘You are the first fan that I have contacted so please keep it a secret.’

— @ooooshiiim

She shared the details of their relationship.

We first began dating on July 2019. He told me that I was now his girlfriend and not his fan and told me in advance about the Burberry event in the U.K. that was taking place in September. He told me he had makeup remover and to wash up and rest in his bed. I told him that it was that time of the month and yet he still demanded on having intercourse.

After a few months of dating, he wanted to breakup saying that he would be busy in October. He said he would feel bad breaking up over text (KakaoTalk) and asked to meet up to talk. We met up in the early morning before SuperM left for L.A. (October 2, 2019) and said that he wanted to remain friends. He then told me about what a time he had been having and asked me to understand him. At that time, he was busy with SuperM and WayV promotions and had a hard time during the “Moonwalk” MV because one member kept messing up the dance, delaying the shoot. He said he was so frustrated that he even smoked in front of the director who was talking to him.

After I said that I would understand his busy schedules, he told me to wait five years and that in five years he would buy a house in Korea so that we could live together. After leaving with no hard feelings, he contacted me the next day from the U.S. telling me that he wanted to see me.

I don’t know the full details, but their manager made a huge mistake during the WayV Thailand fan meeting and the members had to face the consequences. He then stated that because of that incident, he is now the head of the WayV team (including both the members and the manager) and that he had even more power than the head manager.

The manager that lived in the dorms with Lucas knew that he was going out to meet his girlfriend, although he doesn’t know that that person is me. Lucas had to cross the living room from his room to come out to see me, and although the manager was there talking on the phone, they did not stop him from going out.

— @ooooshiiim

She shared some of the uncomfortable things that Lucas had talked about, including women’s bodies.

The second time we dated was from November 2019 to March 2020. From November, he had some more leeway in his schedules and said he wanted to date again and when he was in China, we used WeChat to video call while when he was in Korea, we met in hotels mostly.

Although there were times where I liked dating him as an idol that I liked, apart from jokes, he often said uncomfortable things. He asked me if I saw Chen’s wedding announcement article and said, ‘If a baby is born, getting married is a given. Should we do that too?’ He also told me about his ex-girlfriends’ heights and bodies so as a fellow woman, it was uncomfortable. I thought that he could also talk about my body elsewhere too.

He told me that during his schooling years, he met the wrong friends and went to a massage room in China where he lost his virginity to a Chinese woman and although he liked tall women in his schooling days, because most tall women had bodies like men, he came to like shorter women.

He also said that before he entered SM Entertainment, in HongKong, he ran over to physically fight for his friend that was being bothered. He said with his own mouth that it was gangsters he fought with and that because he was good at fighting, the gang boss had wanted to recruit him.

Just like what I had previously uploaded, I paid for all of the date expenses including luxury gifts and the hotels. There was also a time where I lost my credit card on the day where I had promised to meet Lucas at a hotel. I had asked him if he could pay for the hotel once because I lost the card by which to pay by, but he said that his manager could check his card history and rejected my request firmly.

During Lucas’ birthday in 2020, the suite room we stayed in was on the outskirts of Seoul and did not have convenience stores nearby. As soon as he reached, he asked where the cigarettes were and I said I thought he would of course get his own. Because of the cigarettes, I took a taxi at dawn to a convenience store to buy them. He told me to go get them because he could not.

— @ooooshiiim

She uploaded a screenshot of her spendings at a convenience store and taxi which were made on January 23. Lucas’ birthday was January 25.

Lastly, she shared that he came to visit the apartment where she stayed in by herself on October 1, 2020.

20.10.01 He came to find me at the apartment I lived alone in. It was Chuseok so he said he had no schedules and that he promised to go see the sea with Hendery and WinWin in the evening. He reached my house and we spent some time together after which Hendery contacted him so he left immediately to go to Wolmido to see the sea. The last time we met was at a hotel on February 4, 2021.

— @ooooshiiim

She shared screenshots as proof of his visit.

  • Lucas: “Isn’t it Chuseok today? kkk”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “Yes today and tomorrow.”
  • Lucas: “kkk I have to work tomorrow. What’s your address?”
  • Ex-girlfriend: [address]
  • Lucas: “Just a moment. Okay.”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “If you don’t know (where) just call me.”
  • Lucas: “I’m here.”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “Okay okay. Come up.”
  • Lucas: “[blanked out] Wow.”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “Why?”
  • Lucas: “I like it.”
  • Ex-girlfriend: “Suddenly? kkkk”
  • Lucas: “Open the door please kkk.”

Lastly, she shared the reason why she was revealing the matter.

Lastly, there were many times where I thought that when he said we should still remain friends, it was not that of a normal friendship but more like a (sex) partner. There might be people that say, birds of a feather, or why didn’t I tell this to Lucas in the first place, but at that point of time, I liked him too much and I thought that things would be okay as long as I followed what he wanted, understood him and held things in, and that was what I had thought for 2 years.

There were times where I asked if he was dating me because he really liked me, but whenever I asked that, he would say he sincerely liked me and asked me to trust him. Sometimes he would say ‘Stop it. I’ll tell you once more. I’m busy and I have things going on at home…’ and he even got angry and shouted to the point where I was scared. Before the Chinese fans exposed him, I completely did not know that he was meeting a few women at the same time. Not only myself, but the other victims are all still mentally hurting over Lucas’ words and actions and I am writing this one last post because I think that it is not something that he can gloss over after a few months of reflection before coming back out again.

— @ooooshiiim

Lucas had been embroiled in a series of gaslighting and cheating accusations from fans that had claimed to have dated him. He has since apologized for his actions and SM Entertainment issued an official statement to address the matter as well. Read more about them below.

SM Entertainment Makes Official Statement On WayV Lucas’ Recent Scandal

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