Here’s What Happened When Lucky Netizens Got The Chance To Dance With J.Y. Park And ITZY At Venice Beach

“Wait, is that ITZY with Harry Styles?”

K-Pop usually has very strict expectations when it comes to seniority and interactions between those older than you. Luckily, it has been more relaxed, and none is clearer than the interactions between ITZY and JYP Entertainment founder J.Y. Park.

Since debuting, the members of ITZY have always had the funniest interactions with J.Y. Park. Despite the age and seniority difference, there is a sense of ease with their friendship, similar to the rest of the JYP Entertainment artists.

ITZY with J.Y. Park on their show | Naver
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Of course, J.Y. Park and ITZY have given netizens some iconic moments. Yet, recently, both J.Y. Park and ITZY have created some iconic memories with fans at Venice Beach in LA.

On September 24 (PST), lucky K-Pop fans in LA were invited to join the JYP x GoToe for their World RPD (Random Play Dance) Tour with J.Y. Park. Throughout October, J.Y. Park has been traveling the world and dancing with netizens, and this time it was all about the US fans.

Yet, if that wasn’t cool enough, as ITZY are currently in the US for their tour, the members all joined J.Y. Park and took part in the event.

As expected, the members all wowed with their flawless visuals.

Yet, if their visuals weren’t enough, lucky fans taking part got to dance with all five members. Even though they’re global superstars, the ITZY members didn’t hold back when they got involved with the dances and worked perfectly with the fans.


They even had the chance to interact with fans as Ryujin gave a lucky fanboy a hair flip after he’d complimented her new hair.

As exciting as it was to dance with ITZY, many also shared their once-in-a-lifetime experience as they got to dance with the legend that is J.Y. Park.

Although he isn’t as active as other idols, J.Y. Park truly showcased his personality and charisma as he danced with ITZY and the huge crowds of fans that came to visit.

In his unique outfit, many netizens returned back to the classic comparison to Western artist Harry Styles.

It would definitely be one of the most random but memorable experiences for the lucky K-Pop fans attending.

You can read more about the event below.

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