Luhan expresses possible regrets about becoming an idol

After having the opportunity to grace the front cover of ELLE China‘s February issue, Luhan revealed through exclusive behind-the-scenes footage with the magazine that he might reconsider being an artist if he could go back in time.

In the short 1 minute and 40 second interview, Luhan shared many things about himself, including his hobbies, what he would do if he could rewind time to being twenty years old, and his wishes for 2015.

Luhan gave his honest opinions, showing possible regret of being a K-Pop star, “If I could go back to when I was twenty years old, I probably would choose another path of life. Perhaps I would not choose this path of being an artist again, maybe I will choose to become a soccer player.”

Luhan was scouted by SM Entertainment when he was walking on the streets of Myungdeong in 2008.

He then continued sharing about his passion for soccer, which started during the 2002 World Cup. Luhan plays the striker position in soccer, which is in charge of putting in the goals for the team, as shown in his exceptional goal-scoring skills in Korean variety shows.

Luhan also shared that besides playing soccer, he reads books or listens to music during his free time. As for the new year, he hopes that those he loves and those who love him can live healthily and happily.

Luhan has been doing well with his new start, even receiving individual awards in China, such as the Sina Weibo Night Awards. The Chinese movie that he is starring in, Miss Granny, a South Korean and Chinese co-production, has also topped the box office since its release.

Meanwhile, Luhan has failed to reach an agreement with SM Entertainment at their second mediation session on January 16th..

Source: ELLEplus