Luhan in talks to become lead star in upcoming Chinese drama

Less than a week after Luhan filed for contract nullification with SM Entertainment, a Hong Kong news agency announced that he is hoping to enter the Chinese entertainment scene. 

Reports claim that Luhan is earnestly hoping to star in upcoming Chinese drama “Zhu Xian,” which begins filming next month, alongside top Chinese actress Yang Mi.

He has already started his acting career with his first film, the Chinese remake of the Korean movie “Miss Granny,” which released movie posters with Luhan earlier this week.

Luhan appears to be following the footsteps of Wu Yifan (Kris), who was also entered the Chinese film industry following his departure from EXO, pursing his acting career in the romantic film “Somewhere Only We Know.”

On October 10th, Chinese media portal Sina had reported that Luhan filed for contract nullification with SM Entertainment. Since then, Luhan has returned to his hometown in Beijing, China.

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Source: TV Report