Luhan and Wu Yifan in the running for China’s “I Am A Singer” challenger

Luhan and Wu Yifan are currently in the running to become challengers on the coming episodes of Chinese vocal talent show, I Am A Singer.

This season’s show features artists such as Hong Kong’s Leo Ku, Taiwan’s A-Lin, and China’s Ansun Hu and Sun Nan. The singers selected will have the opportunity to participate in the show and compete for rankings, as determined by a panel of 500 listeners.

Luhan and Wu Yifan along with artists such as Wanting Qu, Hua Chenyu, Yoga Lin, and Chen Chusheng are on the polls. According to the displayed votes, Luhan is currently seventh of ten and Wu Yifan is ninth.

In related news, stills for Luhan’s movie Miss Granny were recently released. Additionally, he performed  a special stages for the year end concert on Dragon TV. Wu Yifan is rumored to be in the talks for another Chinese film.

Source: I Am A Singer Baidu