Luna Becomes Victim Of Hacking, Warns Fans Of Phishing

Her family was scammed out of millions of Korean won.

Luna revealed through an Instagram post that she became a victim of phishing after her account got hacked and warned her followers to watch out for these phishers.


On December 17, Luna shared a post that explained her Naver account was hacked and her family members scammed out of money.

“Hello everyone it’s Luna here.
Someone has been hacking my NAVER contacts to approach my friends and family to ask them for money. Everyone please be mindful of these fake KakaoTalk profiles of me.
Please do not be fooled.

If you look closely at their Katalks there is a red globe symbol, which means they are phishing..”

ㅡ Luna


She included screenshots of the conversation that took place between the phisher (who was impersonating her) and her mother.


She revealed that her grandmother, grandfather and parents have become victims of these fraudulent acts. She told off the phishers for stealing her hard-earned money and expressed her determination not to be discouraged by the incident.

“You crooks who stole the money I diligently saved up for my parents and family while working and living as a singer without any sense of guilt! Are you happy earning money like that? You think making money is so easy, don’t you? Go ahead and use the money I earned the past 10 years while studying, working and doing part-time jobs so that my parents don’t have to suffer day and night. I’ll become stronger and not be discouraged from such incidents.”

ㅡ Luna


Moreover, she encouraged those who may also be going through similar difficulties because of phishing and concluded by shaming the phishers.

“To those who are suffering from similar unpleasant hapenings, hang in there. This too will pass. Don’t give up because it’s too hard! I know it’s difficult to catch the criminal but I’m going to become stronger and overcome this. I want to give a shout of encouragement to all the officer works in our country who are working hard this morning! Easily-earned money. I hope we don’t obsess over money that can easily disappear like a sand castle and instead, save up little by little to use for something that can help our precious lives. Please don’t commit fraud against people who are living diligently!”

ㅡ Luna


Meanwhile, numerous other celebrities including Lee Jong Suk, TWICE’s Jihyo, T-ARA’s Qri, comedian Lee Guk Joo and Narsha have previously shared their experience with similar issues.

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Source: Instagram