M.I.B announces the first idol group disbandment of 2017

It hasn’t been a full week into the new year yet, but the first idol group disbandment of 2017 has already occurred. 

While 2016 was plagued with group disbandments and withdrawals, fans wished for a more stable year for idol groups in 2017. But in just a few days after the start of the year, yet another idol group has announced their disbandment. On the January 4th, male group M.I.B‘s agency Signal Entertainment announced,

Last year, 3 of the members’ contracts have expired and they have chosen not to resign. Their musical tendencies are all so different that it was decided to be the best course of action for them to follow their own paths.

The members who have left the agency were revealed to be Young Cream, Zick Jasper, and Sims. While the their contracts had expired in October, the sole remaining member Kangnam will still be with the agency until his contract expires in March.

When asked about his status with the agency, representatives from Signal Entertainment simply responded, “It is too early to talk about it.

Source: Sports Donga