Nam Tae Hyun Breaks Silence After Leaving WINNER

YG Entertainment shocked K-Pop fans when they announced Nam Tae Hyun would be leaving WINNER. Now, Nam Tae Hyun has spoken out for the first time through his Instagram.

When the announcement was made that Nam Tae Hyun was leaving, the one question in all Inner Circle’s minds was: WHY?! Koreaboo released an article titled, Here’s why Nam Tae Hyun left WINNER, according to YG Entertainment” but questions were still left unanswered.

Now, Nam Tae Hyun has released his first personal statement directed towards all his fans. Below is a direct translation of what his Instagram letter reveals:

Hello this is Nam Tae Hyun. I am sorry to all those that love me to bring you such sad news.

For a length of time that could be considered either long or short, I received so much love as Nam Tae Hyun of “WINNER” and it made me truly happy. This decision was made after long discussion but I have not changed in that I still want to make good music. 

I will return with more music and work in the future. Watch your health in the cold weather and I truly thank everyone that supports me.

Fans have been pouring support for him in the comments, especially excited by the line, “I will return with more music.” Check out the Instagram post below.