Madame Jung Fires Back At Yang Hyun Suk After He Denied Knowledge About Prostitutes

She refuted Yang Hyun Suk’s statements.

Madame Jung has fired back at Yang Hyun Suk after he denied knowledge about the prostitutes she brought.

On July 8th’s episode of MBC‘s Straight, Madame Jung revealed her side of the story. Madame Jung was the woman who connected and provided prostitutes to Yang Hyun Suk’s foreign investors including Jho Low in 2014. Madame Jung had kept her silence thus far, but decided to reveal her story after Yang Hyun Suk denied accusations, claiming that he did not know why Madame Jung brought the prostitutes.


Madame Jung explained that she was the one that was receiving the most damage in the investigations for this case.

I’m the one that has received the most damage in the case’s investigations. Even if I had created the gathering, I’m not one who is able tell these big wigs what to do. I’ve never directly contacted Jho Low before and I couldn’t even if I wanted to. I can’t speak English. It’s very basic. I can only speak a little when shopping or ordering food at a hotel.

ㅡ Madame Jung


Madame Jung emphasized that she brought the prostitutes under Yang Hyun Suk’s orders. She explained that she was in contact with Representative Kim of YG Entertainment‘s subsidiary, YGX.

Representative Kim cannot do anything that Yang Hyun Suk doesn’t order. I understood it as Representative Kim calling on behalf of Yang Hyun Suk.

ㅡ Madame Jung


She also claimed that she sent and received photos of the prostitutes and that she didn’t suddenly take the girls, but rather, that Yang Hyun Suk’s side already knew about them.

I needed to decide on the participating girls and their faces so I sent Yang Hyun Suk’s side photos. Then, I believe Yang Hyun Suk’s side sent photos back to them and said, ‘There’s a girl that looks like this. She’s going to come.’

ㅡ Madame Jung


In addition, Madame Jung revealed that she received 200 million KRW from Yang Hyun Suk’s friend, A, for bringing the girls to Europe. She claimed that Yang Hyun Suk advised her on how to divide the money she received.

I heard they received it from Jho Low’s side. The girls split it amongst themselves at around 5 million KRW to 10 million KRW as compensation for 5 day’s worth of work. Yang Hyun Suk was the one to advise on how to share the money. He told me that it would look bad if he asked (Jho Low) for my money too, so I should take 100 million KRW and divide the remaining 100 million KRW amongst the girls.

ㅡ Madame Jung


Yang Hyun Suk has continued to deny all prostitution allegations since they were brought up with Straight releasing more detailed evidence and witnesses to refute his denials each time.


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