Yang Hyun Suk Admits To Gambling, Denies All Other Accusations Made Against Him

He admitted to gambling.

Yesterday, Yang Hyun Suk arrived at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency in Jungnang-gu for questioning and investigation over allegations that he illegally gambled billions of won in casinos in Las Vegas as well as solicited prostitution for wealthy foreign investors overseas.

Yang Hyun Suk Makes First Public Appearance Since Gambling Charges, Heads To Police For Investigation

Upon leaving the police station 23 hours later, it was reported he largely denied all of the charges levied against him, including habitual gambling and illegal foreign exchange transactions.

Yang Hyun Suk Released From The Police Station After 23 Hours Of Investigation

However now, it has been revealed by MBN that he has admitted to the charge of illegal gambling. When reporters asked whether he denied the charges at the end of his 23 hour investigations, he simply stated that he faithfully participated in police investigations.

MBN says they have confirmed that Yang Hyun Suk admitted to the charge of illegal gambling, saying it was true he made several trips to casinos in Las Vegas, but he insisted that the amount he gambled was not as high as the news are reporting it to be, and that it was not habitual.

Yang Hyun Suk has also firmly denied charges of using “Hwanchigi”, or illegal foreign exchange transactions, and using money from YG Entertainment USA.

Since police have secured records of his visits to the casinos and the amount he has gambled, it is believed that Yang Hyun Suk admitted to simple gambling, as it carries a lighter punishment than habitual gambling and “Hwanchigi”.

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