Yang Hyun Suk Released From The Police Station After 23 Hours Of Investigation

He was questioned for almost an entire day.

Yang Hyun Suk was finally released from the police station after being investigated for 23 hours about his habitual gambling allegations.

During his investigations, he was heavily questioned for his charges of habitual gambling, illegal foreign transaction exchange, and prostitution solicitation.

It has been reported that Yang Hyun Suk has largely denied the accusations levied against him, specifically for gambling and illegal foreign transaction exchange.

Yang Hyun Suk began police investigations at 9:50 am KST on August 28, and was able to leave the police station at 8:30 am KST on August 29 after being questioned for 22 hours and 40 minutes.

When leaving, Yang Hyun Suk had a short comment about his investigations.

I faithfully participated in the investigations with the police.

— Yang Hyun Suk

He did not say anything more about the accusations against him.

Police also looked into whether YG Entertainment USA’s corporate funds were used in his gambling, and if he did, embezzlement charges may be added against him.

Finally, police also questioned him over his prostitution solicitation charges for foreign investors, as the statute of limitations for that case expires next month. Police plan on determining whether or not they need to summon Yang Hyun Suk again after analyzing the results of the 23 hour investigation.

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