Mad Clown Publicly Calls Out An A.R.M.Y For The Disgusting Comment Online

Netizens are bashing this inappropriate comment for its reference to the Sewol disaster.

A supposed BTS fan under the ID of “Kingtansonyundan” left a highly inappropriate comment under San E and Mad Clown‘s latest song “Butterfly”.

“Seeing this yellow album cover makes me think of <the fishcakes>.” — @Kingtansonyundan


The commenter was referring to the yellow ribbons that symbolized the horrific tragedy of the Sewol Ferry, where hundreds of students and passengers were trapped on a sunken ship.


After seeing this comment, Mad Clown personally took to his Instagram to call out the inappropriate comment.

“I usually look at negative comments and laugh it off, but for this rude person who went too far with the Sewol disaster, I will do everything I can to take measures. We can find out so much just with the Melon ID, I can’t imagine what they’re thinking making comments like this.” — Mad Clown


The comment was made on the Melon page of San E and Mad Clown’s new single “Butterfly”, one of the most popular music portals in Korea.


The comment angered not only Mad Clown but all the netizens for its inappropriateness to such a sensitive topic.

  • “Is that person out of their mind? It’s really disgusting”
  • “Wow…that’s shocking. I hope Mad Clown really takes the appropriate measures.”
  • “I hope the person gets served!”


What upset netizens more was that the commenter, who was apparently a BTS fan, had used BTS’s photo on their profile as well as an ID that was very similar to the group’s name.

Taken from the profile page of “@Kingtansonyundan”.


Some netizens claimed that the commenter must be a fan cosplay (fan in disguise).

  • “If you’re saying things like that under a BTS nickname, that’s not a fan it’s an anti-fan.”
  • “Anti-fans these days, they do everything regular fans do and act like fans to ultimately ruin the image of the singers they don’t like”
  • “I seriously hope they’re not BTS fans. Why do they live like that, what’s in their head for them to think such a thing”


Others just could not understand why someone would write such a thing.

  • “Please let there not be a person like that around me”
  • “How can someone say such a thing…lol WOW”
  • “That person is seriously thoughtless”
  • “Please, does that person have no brains?”
Source: Instiz