PRISTIN Kyulkyung Rumored To Be Leaving The Group, Fansites Shut Down

Pledis addressed the rumors in an official statement.

Rumors started floating that PRISTIN‘s Kyulkyung is leaving the group after many of her fansite admins closed their accounts on Twitter without any explanation.

Many of her most popular sites have left messages that they’re either resting or closing. The fansites vary from Korean fans to fans all over the world.

The rumor began farther speculate when an anonymous fansite admin revealed that Kyulkyung may be heading back to China for good.

“I don’t know what to do.

All of the other fansites put ‘rest’ on their accounts because of a rumor that she’s going back to her country for good.

I don’t know what to do. ”

— Anonymous Fansite Admin

Anonymous fansite admin’s post about Kyulkyung’s rumor.

Fans began worrying because the situation was very similar to when AOA’s Choa left the group. Before she officially left the group, many of her fansite admins caught wind of her decision and closed down.

However, Pledis Entertainment made a statement after hearing the rumors of Kyulkyung leaving the group.

“The rumors spreading online about PRISTIN’s Kyulkyung are baseless and false.”

— Pledis Entertainment

There you have it! Kyulkyung is a member of PRISTIN and she’s not going anywhere!

Source: Dispatch