What Makes Jungkook Jealous? The BTS Member Gets Candid With Fans

Now *that’s* something relatable…

BTS’s Jungkook did a 4-part livestream on Weverse yesterday, spending nearly three hours hanging out with ARMYs. During the stream, when he was not jamming along to songs or singing them, Jungkook was having random heart-to-heart conversations with the viewers. During one such conversation, he revealed a fun fact about his jealousy.

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During the first live, Jungkook told the viewers that he had just come back from the dermatologist because his skin had been breaking out quite a lot. Though the dark lighting in his room made it impossible to see any acne on his face, he pointed at his cheek and chin area, saying that he had broken out.

Then Jungkook casually confessed that he is jealous of people with good skin without blemishes. The singer revealed that he tries to be careful with his diet and skincare, but it’s not always possible to be that vigilant.

He added that taking care of his skin could be a bothersome task and also pretty expensive. So, he is jealous of people who naturally have good skin!

During his public appearances, Jungkook’s skin looks flawless most of the time, but there were some instances in the past when the camera caught his natural skin tone with minimal blemishes. But even then, it did almost nothing to lessen the appeal of his handsome face. If anything, fans found it pretty relatable, both then and now.

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Hate to break it to you, Jungkook, but even with your skin troubles, your face card remains unbeatable.