MAKEUS Entertainment Has Terminated Jung Joon Young’s Contract

His contract was terminated.

Following Jung Joon Young‘s admission to guilt for all of his wrongdoings, his agency, MAKEUS Entertainment, has terminated his exclusive contract with them.

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MAKEUS Entertainment delivered the news in their own statement.

“Hello, this is MAKEUS Entertainment.

We would like to talk about singer Jung Joon Young.

Last night, Jung Joon Young delivered his apology to us, and we conveyed his apology to the public without modifying a single word from his statement.

We have also decided that we are unable to maintain our contract with Jung Joon Young due to this scandal. Therefore, we have decided to terminate our contract with Jung Joon Young, who signed with our subsidiary ‘Label M’ back in January 2019.

However, we still feel a heavy responsibility for this incident caused by our artist, and we will do our best to fulfill our own responsibilities for a faithful investigation, and bring justice to those who were hurt, just as how Jung Joon Young mentioned in his apology letter.

Once again, we would like to apologize for the inconveniences we have caused.

— MAKEUS Entertainment


Source: Sports Chosun

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