Jung Joon Young Admits To All Allegations of Taking Hidden Camera Videos and Sharing Them

He has admitted to everything.

Jung Joon Young has released his official apology letter through his agency, MAKEUS Entertainment.


Apology letter

I greet you all with a shameful and regretful heart.

I, Jung Joon Young, returned back to Korea on March 12th and I realized the seriousness of the situation again. I deeply apologize to everyone who has had interest in this apology and gave me a chance to apologize.

I acknowledge all my sins and actions in connection with what is being said about me about the allegations. I took videos of women without their consent, I spread it in the KakaoTalk chat room, and acted without guilt or remorse.

It was an immoral act where I deserved backlash as a public figure, and it was something that was too rash.

Most of all, I apologize to the women who appeared in the video, that had to face this horrible reality with this incident. I want to kneel and apologize to everyone who felt angry and disappointed.

I will leave all the shows that I appeared on, and I will stop all entertainment activities. I will now put down everything I do as a public figure, and I’ll reflect on my unethical and illegal activities for the rest of my life.

I apologize to all the women who have seen the most damage from my actions and who have felt angry, beyond disappointment, and to those who made me into a public figure.

I will be faithful to the investigation by the authorities, which will start from the morning of the 14th, without any lies, and I will accept the punishment I receive, for the behavior I have committed.

I deeply apologize once again. I am sorry.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Jung Joon Young


Earlier today, TV Chosun revealed what they believe some of the identities of the chatroom were.

TV Chosun Reveals Specific Hints About The Identities Of Jung Joon Young’s Hidden Cam Chatroom Members


Dispatch also revealed more details about his chatrooms and his actions earlier today.

Dispatch Reveals Jung Joon Young’s Relationship With Seungri, New Chat Logs, and His Fake Apology To Korean Press


At the beginning of the day, March 12, Jung Joon Young was removed from all of his TV roles, and cancelled all schedules.

Jung Joon Young Cancels All Schedules and Will Begin Police Investigations For Sharing Illegal Hidden Camera Videos


Source: Herald Pop

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