Male Idol Going Viral In Korea For A Recurring Mistake At Fansign Events

What kind of tea are they spilling at these events?

Some unexpected stories from a boy group’s recent fan meeting event have netizens in splits, thanks to a repeated mistake by one of the members.

The idol in question is BTOB‘s Eunkwang. The reason why he is going viral is probably unheard of in K-Pop. He keeps forgetting to give his signature to fans at a fan sign.

| @btob_silver_light/Instagram

On May 9, a fan who attended  BTOB’s recent ktown4u fan sign uploaded a post on Theqoo with a compilation of some past and present exhibits of the idol’s hilarious mistake, which went viral. Last year, a fan posted a picture of Eunkwang’s incomplete autograph with only “To, [OP’s name]” written on the page. In the caption, they wrote, “But oppa, why didn’t you sign? 🥲🥲🥲”

Another fan tweeted a similar picture from the most recent BTOB fan sign, where Eunkwang wrote a long message to them on a page but completely forgot to put his signature at the end.

Eunkwang, where’s the signature? Did you not sign because your face is there…?

@_sub_sub_sub, Twitter

Another fan’s picture was also in the compilation, showing a half-signed CD, where Eunkwang had only managed to write “To.”

| theqoo

Eunkwang was so busy chatting with fans at the fan sign that he kept forgetting to finish his signatures, LOL.

—OP’s caption in the above picture

On May 7, one fan posted an even more amusing autograph from Eunkwang. Though he had managed to finish his signature for OP, in the “To” section, he wrote his own name instead of the fan’s!

Are you saying that my name is Eunkwang…

—@sseolmul37, Twitter

Fans find this entire situation extremely entertaining, cracking jokes about turning this into a legit series.

You’re saying he didn’t do it again?ㅜ

@KindMadame1818, Twitter

Let’s turn this into a series, LOL.

@nyom0321, Twitter

In an alternative universe, Eunkwang’s viral catchphrase is probably “Why? Why sign? Give up!”

Source: theqoo


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