Male Idol Makes Unexpected Comment Off Screen During A Fan Video Call

It showed his true personality.

A male K-Pop idol unintentionally said something that was overheard by a fan.

On February 25, former WANNA ONE member and current solo artist Kim Jaehwan held an online and offline fanmeeting. It was his first in several months and fans were looking forward to it greatly.

Kim Jaehwan

A new viral post from one of them suggested that they weren’t the only ones anticipating it. X (Twitter) user @_JHNISM was able to overhear what Jaehwan said to a staff member off-screen right before it was her turn.

[The Most Touching True Story] While I was on standby for my video call—right before I was connected, I could hear Kim Jaehwan talking to a staff member as the fan who had their call ahead of me was wrapping up.


In the video, Kim Jaehwan could be heard talking about the passage of time in a melancholic voice.

Time goes by so quickly…it flies, really.

— Kim Jae Hwan

When the staff alerted him that the video call with the next fan in line was about to begin, he blurted out randomly that he was “so happy.”

Staff: Let’s start in a minute and a half…

Kim Jaehwan: Maybe it’s because I’m so happy.


Being able to meet his most avid supporters after so long made him emotional. He couldn’t help but share his realizations aloud, and the original poster was lucky enough to be there when he did!

Like, I’m so excited to be talking to my fans that time flies.

— Kim Jae Hwan

Given the context of the situation, it was a comment that the fan was not supposed to hear. It gave her great joy to do so, confirming to herself that she was meant to be “his fan forever.”

He says that time flies because he’s so happy to be interacting with his fans. Like, what are we supposed to do with this sweetheart! I’m going to be his fan forever, honestly.


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Source: Twitter
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