Male Journalist Spotted Physically Harassing Taeyeon’s Female Manager At The Airport

He grabbed her shirt and even exposed her shoulder.

Taeyeon was once spotted arriving at the Incheon International Airport to fly to Hong Kong to attend the SBS Super Concert in Hong Kong.

Sporting her legendary blonde and pink hair, she was seen with three managers, two female and one male.

As she was walking through the terminal, a crowd of journalists and fans alike started to form around her, and her managers tried to surround her so she could have a sense of personal space.

However, one journalist from RNX, a Hong Kong-based news outlet, took it too far trying to get coverage of Taeyeon. The journalist in question is the male with blonde-ish hair but black roots and has a tattoo on his right arm.

He was also seen placing his hand on Taeyeon’s male manager’s shoulder.

The RNX manager grabbed Taeyeon’s female manager by the corner of her shirt, even exposing her shoulder.

He then started yelling at her while still grabbing onto her shirt and shaking her. Taeyeon’s male manager had to come and separate the two, and the RNX journalist finally let go.

RNX posted a video from her airport arrival, and at the end of the video, the same reporter can be seen trying to stick his hand past Taeyeon’s male manager, as if he is trying to grab or remove something.

Naturally, netizens are furious with how a journalist could do something like that to a manager, and especially to a female.

  • Is he crazy? The person who blocked him was the male bodyguard/manager who was bigger and stronger than him, so he decided to go for the smaller and weaker female manager. I really hate this. The world always preys on the weaker people.
  • He’s a journalist from RNX.
  • Fuck, is he a fucking pig? His eyes make him look like one of those gangsters with a trash personality from the countryside that just prey on the weaker people
  • Shouldn’t the agency take strict legal action against this? The manager and the artist were exposed to the dangers and they need to make sure it doesn’t happen again, or else something similar might occur.
  • Trust RNX news to have a pig like that. Not only is he trash, but also an assaulter. Just get rid of him already.
  • Whoa, isn’t that the same reporter who shook hands and was nice with BTS a few days ago? Wow, I had a good feeling about him but that was a cover to the real person, this leaves a salty taste in my mouth.
  • What’s up with that gangster-pig?
  • Gold necklace + tattoos + obese = science

Watch the full video of Taeyeon’s manager being physically harassed below.

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