Male Korean High School Student Dies After Stabbing Female Classmate

We wish the victim a quick recovery.

Content Warning

This article includes descriptions of suicide or self harm and violence that may disturb some readers.

Following the story of a male student jumping from a fourth-story window at his high school following him being caught trying to film illegally in a female student restroom, another male student has gone to extreme measures following an attack on a female classmate.


On July 1 around 3:40PM, the male student, known only as “A”, allegedly attempted to kill the female student, known as “B”, by stabbing her multiple times in the high school’s bathroom. His exact reasoning is not known, as though the two students lived in the same neighborhood and attended the same school, they don’t appear to have had any kind of special relationship besides being classmates.

“B” was transferred to a hospital while conscious, having sustained injuries to her face, hands, arms, and chest. She’s currently undergoing treatment, and appears to be in stable condition.


Meanwhile, “A” fled the scene and retreated to a nearby apartment. Later, after police were alerted by the school, “A” was found unconscious in the apartment after an apparent suicide attempt. The manner in which he decided to take his own life is unreported. He was also taken to a hospital, but was revealed to be receiving treatment in a state of brain death and was pronounced dead on July 4 around 5:00PM.

Following his death, police continue to try to determine the reason why “A” attacked “B” before taking his own life.

Here’s how Korean netizens are reacting to this story.










  • “I hope Miss B is completely healed and doesn’t even have a scar!!”
  • “I feel so sorry for the student victim.”
  • “He was going to die, but he didn’t want to die alone, so he just made a victim for no reason.”
  • “I wish the student victim a speedy recovery.”
  • “If he had lived, he would have killed many more women, so it’s good.”
  • “I’m glad Miss B is alive.”
  • “I hope that the victim will recover well without scars or trauma.”
  • “Oddly enough, it’s a comforting article.”
  • “No, but really… Why would you do that..?”
  • “I am more worried because the victim’s face is injured, I hope there are no scars and I hope that she receives good treatment.”
  • “If you’re going to die, why die hurting others?”

We also wish “B” a fast and painless recovery from her injuries.

Source: The Qoo

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