MAMAMOO Hwasa’s Ingenious Theory About Their “ILLELLA” Stage Outfits Has Fans And Her Co-Members Equally Floored

The genius maknae strike again.

MAMAMOO‘s comeback with Mic On has finally put an end to the ot4 drought MooMoos have been fighting for a year. Apart from three new songs and a grand music video, the group also gifted fans with a live showcase stage of their title track, “ILLELLA,” on the same day as the album release.

While throughout the music video, the quartet donned many different eye-catching outfits, for the first stage performance of the song, MAMAMOO chose the casual workout costume set over the fancy frills, sensuous blacks, and luxurious tracksuits.

During the live broadcast after the performance, MAMAMOO talked about their stage outfits when Hwasa gave an explanation of why they decided to go with the athleisure outfits. She said that it symbolizes their roots- the practice room where the members met for the first time.

Because the practice room is the place where we first started and through this time round’s showcase, this is our first time showcasing it (the album). So, we wore training outfits to signify our roots.

— Hwasa

After her explanation was over, Wheein and Moonbyul couldn’t stop themselves from complimenting Hwasa for coming up with such a description, which immediately indicated that the stage outfits probably didn’t have much deep thought behind it, to begin with.

As hilarious as that is, you can’t deny that Hwasa has some impressive creative thinking to be able to connect the dots like that on the spot!


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