MAMAMOO Was Constantly Told They Would Fail Before They Even Debuted — Here’s Why

“Everyone told us we were going to flop.” — Solar

In a recent interview, MAMAMOO‘s Solar made the shocking revelation that the group was constantly told they would fail before they debuted.

The reason why they were criticized in such a way was because of their appearance.

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In the interview, Solar shared that they had a difficult time before their debut because of what they were told by those around them.

It was hard before our debut. Since we weren’t visually perfect, many people said, ‘Those girls won’t make it’ and ‘You guys have to put on perfect performances or you’ll be done for’.

— Solar

Not only did their CEO think so, but others that their CEO showcased MAMAMOO to thought the same way.

Before our debut, our CEO introduced us to outside connections. They all said, ‘They’re going to flop because they’re short and don’t look like idols.’

— Solar


It was revealed in a separate interview of the composer, Kim Do Hoon, the member, Hwasa was also criticized separately before she was selected to debut in the group.

The truth is, before their debut when they were trainees, people looked at Hwasa and said, ‘She’ll cause a lot of trouble later on.’ That’s how much she stood out. There was a lot of external pressure while selecting MAMAMOO members.

— Kim Do Hoon

According to the MAMAMOO members, things weren’t easy for a while even after their debut due to criticism that they weren’t good enough and had to do better.

While many thought their debut performance was fantastic, the members were scolded so much that they returned to their dorms, determined to do better next time.

In a 2018 vlog, MAMAMOO confessed to having been looked down upon in their early years.

We didn’t have many activities in the beginning, but while we met lots of people during the activities we did have, we were looked down upon. It made us angry. We wanted to prove them wrong. I think that’s what made us stronger in the end.

— Solar

Well, they’re one of the most successful girl groups now, meaning they showed everybody up.

And considering their talent and humble attitudes, it can only go up from here.

Source: The Qoo


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