MAMAMOO Have Two Very Different Dynamics When It Comes To Fights, And Both Are Extremely Relatable

Are you more like Solar and Moonbyul or Wheein and Hwasa?

Due to their many years together, MAMAMOO have forged a friendship that can withstand all trials and hardships, including their own fights. In their episode of Things That Make Me Groove, Moonbyul revealed that the group got into frequent fights, especially during their earlier days. But instead of using words, things got physical between the girls.

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Hwasa and Wheein quickly clarified that only the unnie line, Solar and Moonbyul, got into fistfights when angry, joking around and saying that it was almost like watching MMA when they fought.

This isn’t the first time Moonbyul and Solar’s fights have been shared on broadcast; the girls always mention the infamous cereal fight, which always gets the best reactions from listeners.


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However, despite the aggression, the girls are grateful for the fights since they were able to grow closer that way.

At the time, I realized she was more mature because I was in my room (Byul was trying to calm down). She came into my room. ‘Sorry.’ Then she left. Then I realized she was more mature than me … I think we became closer after the fight.

— Moonbyul

The maknae line fights very differently from Solar and Moonbyul. On the outside, nothing seems wrong, but on a closer look, they’re the definition of passive-aggressive. Moonbyul brought up one incident when Wheein and Hwasa were super clingy on their way back to Korea from an overseas schedule, but after the plane landed, the two refused to stand close to each other.

Since they were all sitting together, Hwasa would ask Solar to relay her messages to Wheein, and Wheein would do the same. Caught in the middle, Solar had no idea what was going on, let alone the fact that they were in a fight.

I’m like, ‘Why are they talking to me?’ They can just talk to each other.

— Solar

Sometimes, she doesn’t even know the two have fought until after they reconciled!

The unnie and maknae lines show drastic differences in how they fight, but at the end of the day, their friendship has only grown stronger. The fact that they also fight over the smallest things further proves their close relationship, and they always have the funniest stories to tell afterward.

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