MAMAMOO Forced To Change Their Set At Sky Festival As Whee In Got Injured By Fireworks, Fans Concerned

She tried to continue despite being visibly hurt.

MooMoos were excited to finally see MAMAMOO perform as ot4 after a long time today at the Incheon Airport Sky Festival. But just one song into their set, Whee In had to rush off stage to take care of a serious injury.

| 1theK/YouTube

MAMAMOO kicked off their performance with their 2018 song “Starry Night,” enchanting the audience with their heavenly vocals and stage presence. But as soon as the four members finished off the performance with the final pose at the front of the stage, the fireworks went off and soon Whee In was seen covering her eyes with a painful expression.

From the clips, it seems like some of the ashes from the fireworks went right into her eyes as MAMAMOO were standing very close to the front end of the stage. Whee In tried to power through the pain and started performing the next song, “HIP,” doing the choregraphy and singing, all with her eyes closed. But when she realized she needed to get help, she ran off stage mid-performance. After the three members finished the song, they updated the audience that Whee In won’t be able to perform the rest of the set due to her injury.

MAMAMOO were forced to modify their set on spot and they decided to move forward with the show as three, without doing the choreographies. Thanks to their unbeatable stage presence, the performance went well. But fans can’t help feeling concerned for Whee In’s health as she was in quite a lot of pain on stage. Many MooMoos are speculating that maybe because MAMAMOO didn’t rehearse at the venue, they were unaware of the fireworks going off so close to where they were standing. Some fans feel that the organizers should be held responsible for risking the artists’ safety and not sending in someone to help Whee In on stage when she was clearly hurt.

Fans are hoping that the artist doens’t feel too let down by this incident and that her eyes are not too hurt. So far, neither RBW Entertainment, not THE L1VE has shared any updates on her health.