“Thank You For Visiting” — MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Recent Visit To A Bridal Shop Catches Everyone By Surprise

Could wedding bells be ringing? Or is it just a routine fitting?

Could wedding bells be ringing for MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa? Or is it just a casual fitting for work? On October 10, 2023, a prestigious bridal shop in Seoul called Bridal Kong uploaded a photo of Hwasa’s autograph. Hwasa had thanked the store as well in the autograph.

Hwasa’s autograph. | @bridalgong/Instagram

To. Bridal Kong, a place which gives you wings. Thank you.

— Hwasa

Hwasa made a reference to the Korean saying that the right dress gives you wings. The bridal shop also thanked Hwasa for visiting them. What was surprising was their inclusion of a winky face emoji in the tags. The wink seemed to be out of place amongst the other tags which served to promote the store and their brands.

It’s an honor for you to visit Bridal Kong. @_mariahwasa. #bridalkong #pinkkong #hwasa #aplacewhichgivesyouwings #winkemoji

— Bridal Kong

On one hand, many celebrities also rent bridal gowns for various red carpet events. It is common to hire a wedding designer for such gowns, due to the similar extravagance the design needs. With year-end season around the corner, Hwasa could very well have sought out the store to dress her for a gala concert event. On the other hand, as such services are often handled by the stylist, stars rarely go to shops for a direct fitting. The stylist brings a few choices to their private studio for the star. This is why you rarely see news or sightings of celebrities in bridal shops for such orders.

It was previously made known that Hwasa has been in a relationship with an older businessman for around 5 years now. He is 12 years older than her, and is said to be very supportive of the bold star. You can read more about her relationship below.

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