MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Reveals She’s Recently Felt “Very Much In Danger” Mentally

“I was very much in danger mentally.”

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa made her highly-anticipated solo comeback with “Maria”. As her album is climbing high on the charts, she opened up honestly about the album and the hardships that came along with it.

Hwasa introduced her album as the result of all the tears and sweat she put into her year as a 26-year-old.

“Maria” is an album where I put in all of the emotions I’ve felt at 26 as if it were my diary. You can say it’s the result of my tears and sweat over the years.

— Hwasa

Considering how everything Hwasa touches has been turning to gold, she was asked what she has planned next.

Hwasa took the time to confess that with the fame and success, she’s felt “very much in danger” mentally over the pressure and expectations.

I’ve recently thought a lot about my current image, and I felt like ‘The farther I go the bigger the mountain.’

The expectations keep rising and I always push myself to top those expectations, so there were times where I was very much in danger mentally.

— Hwasa

It took so much out of her to face the dark aspects of her life for “Maria” so she looks forward to performing light-hearted and fun tracks next.

I poured out the dark parts of myself in a comical way in this album. Next time, I want to try songs where I can just sing lightly without a thought.

— Hwasa

Check out Hwasa’s new music video for “Maria” below!

Source: Newsen


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