MAMAMOO’s Hwasa And Hyolyn Talk About Their Sexy Body Suits

“…it would be better to just not wear anything than wear something that was neither this or that.”

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa and Hyolyn guested on a recent episode of Radio Star and talked about the sexy body suits they wore to the year-end awards ceremonies.


Hyolyn began by stating that she had no idea her outfit would become a big issue.

Of course I had no idea.

ㅡ Hyolyn


Hyolyn explained that as she stepped down from the stage, all she could think of was how she performed on stage.

After the performance, I kept thinking, “Why did I sing so terribly?” And the thing I was a little worried about was, “What if the reaction isn’t that good?” But thinking back on it now, the mood at the event was actually pretty good so I was thinking that the mood and everything was good but my singing was so terrible.

ㅡ Hyolyn


She also explained how she ended up wearing the sexy outfit to the KBS Drama Awards 2018.

I worked really hard to prepare for it because KBS contacted me and gave me such a great opportunity. A designer had made the outfit by hand and it’s the only one of its kind in the world. I bought it because I wanted to wear it at my own concert. The outfit is the best and most fancy outfit that I own and I wanted to wear it at a meaningful event.

ㅡ Hyolyn


And it wasn’t only Hyolyn’s body suit that became a big issue at the awards ceremony. The sexy red bodysuit Hwasa wore to the 2018 MAMA also became a huge issue. Hwasa explained that she proposed the outfit idea to her stylist while preparing for the event.

While preparing for the performance, I thought this type of outfit would be nice so I told my stylist about it.

ㅡ Hwasa


Despite the fact that her stylist tried to stop Hwasa from wearing this outfit, Hwasa stated that she doesn’t know when things are over-the-top.

I can’t really tell when things are over-the-top. The people around me usually control this by telling me when things are too much. I think they thought the bottom part of my outfit was a little too much. But I thought it would be better to just not wear anything than wear something that was neither this or that.



Hwasa mentioned that while the outfit was amazing, due to the nature of the outfit, it’s easy to get a wedgie but she wasn’t able to pull it out not only because she was so focused on the performance but also because people would then think the outfit was uncomfortable, as expected.

The outfit tends to get stuck, but if you actually pull it out, then people will think it’s uncomfortable. So I was thinking I must never pull it out. But also, you can’t think straight when you’re on stage. You don’t even notice if it’s stuck or not.

ㅡ Hwasa


In addition, she had prepared everything for this performance on her own from start to finish, and she was extremely proud of it.

It was the first time I prepared everything from the start. I was prepared. Then I did the performance as if I didn’t even have any memory of it. There’s a shower booth in the waiting room and I got choked up. I felt like I was alive and was really happy.

ㅡ Hwasa


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Source: Dispatch