Why MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Decided To Join P NATION—After Initially Declining PSY’s Offer

She changed her mind completely.

PSY‘s label P NATION has been at the center of heated discussion among netizens who voiced disappointment with MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa‘s alleged “transformation” and title track “I Love My Body”. As a recent guest on Radio Star, Hwasa cleared up a bit of the situation by revealing why she decided to join the company.

Hwasa with backup dancers. | @_mariahwasa/Instagram

Hwasa’s journey with P NATION began during the U.S. leg of MAMAMOO’s MY CON world tour. Her “R-rated” performance at a university festival caused a scandal that made her a target for negative attention. Hwasa admitted, “I got so many hate comments, so I was a little down.

Although Hwasa had already declined PSY’s offer to join his company, he reached out to her during that rough time with something to brighten her spirits. He sent her a song.

Hwasa initially thought PSY was pranking her when she listened to the “I Love My Body” demo but soon found herself attached to it.

I’d been so down, but the song lifted my spirits. I didn’t know why I was so drawn to the song, but I thought, ‘This is great. I think this is what I needed for my next song.

— Hwasa

She even realized she and PSY were a duo that worked well. Hwasa said, “We clicked better than I expected. I thought I wouldn’t work well with him…

Now, Hwasa is enjoying the freedom of her new company and appreciating PSY’s guidance as a senior artist.

| @_mariahwasa/Instagram

Listen to Hwasa’s reasons for changing her mind and accepting PSY’s offer to join P NATION.