MAMAMOO’s Hwasa Refuses To Follow Popular Music Show Trend

The cameraman was so confused…

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa has a longstanding reputation for being a “no f*cks given” K-Pop idol. From her rookie days, the singer has never been afraid to stray from established standards and trends of the idol industry.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa | @_mariahwasa/Instagram

Be it from dressing the way she wants,

to speaking up for herself and her beliefs,

to being open about her personal struggles,

Hwasa never shies away from being her authentic self.

Her recent activities have once again reflected the same spirit, though on a much lighter note.

Hwasa recently signed with PSY’s label PNation as a soloist after leaving her former label of nine years, RBW. Shortly after signing with the new company, she put out her latest single, “I Love My Body,” which has been seeing rave response on Korean charts since its release.

Hwasa has been promoting the song on popular music shows, as is usual for any K-Pop singer. While her live performances have been nothing short of mesmerizing, there is one thing that the singer refuses to do on any of the music shows, despite it being a popular trend. And that is the ending fairy.

The term “ending fairy” basically refers to the ending sequence of a live music show performance where the camera takes close-up shots of the individual performers on stage after the song has ended. The trend rose to popularity with Jung Chaeyeon, whose innocent yet charismatic gaze during her closeup shot at the end of a performance on Produce 101 caught the public’s attention.

During ending fairies, idols usually strike a pleasant expression, putting their best foot forward visual-wise. But some artist have also experimented with the trend, intentionally exaggerating their expressions or making funny faces just for a dash of added chaos.

In the past, Hwasa, too, has given iconic ending fairies during her performances. But with this new song, she seems to have vowed not to follow the same trend. Instead, the idol simply walks off the stage as the song finishes, and often the camera is left confused trying to follow her movement.

She did the same thing in all her major music show performances, including Mnet’s M COUNTDOWN, SBS’s Inkigayo, and KBS’s Music Bank, and fans couldn’t be more amused!

Is this another trend that Hwasa will launch to popularity?