MAMAMOO Hwasa’s Sudden Change Of Drinking Habits That Her Friends Found “Strange”

She really said YOLO.

MAMAMOO’s member Hwasa recently made an appearance on popular comedian Shin Dong Yup’s YouTube series Jjan Han Hyung and shared some candid episodes from her personal life.

MAMAMOO’s Hwasa | @_mariahwasa/Instagram

Hwasa entered the set with a gift bag in hand, much to the excitement of the host. Shin Dong Yup opened the box right away to discover alcohol inside, and he mentioned that Hwasa is the first guest to bring alcohol to the show.

| @@zzanbro/YouTube
| @@zzanbro/YouTube

But the episode kicked off with a different bottle of alcohol, as Shin Dong Yup poured her a glass of makgeolli, specially made by celebrity chef Baek Jeong Won. The singer happily confessed that drinking with Shin was one of her dreams. The other two celebrities she wanted to have a drink with were Lee Hyori and Sung Si Kyung. With this episode of Jjan Han Hyung, Hwasa was able to strike off all three names from her bucket list!

| @@zzanbro/YouTube

The singer then spontaneously shared about drastic change in drinking habits that took over only recently. Hwasa revealed that it was only this year that she seriously took up drinking alcohol, after facing too many regrets during the new year. During that time, she realized that she had spent most of her 20s depriving herself of fun experiences.

I started drinking alcohol this year. I turned 29 this year, and while ringing in the new year, I felt regret. I’m 29… Why didn’t I have more fun in my 20s? So, for about a month, I went out drinking a lot.

— Hwasa

However, this spontaneous decision was surprising to her friends.

So, during the new year, I drank a lot with my friends. But my friends found it strange. Since I was drinking alcohol every day, they thought it was weird.

— Hwasa

Hwasa then confessed that the constant drinking took its toll.

I drank consistently for a month, and so my face got swollen. Terribly swollen.

— Hwasa

Shin Dong Yup added a humorous touch to the story, joking that saying someone’s face got swollen is the nice way of implying that they have gained weight. The remark made Hwasa break into a laughter.

The topic came to an end as she suddenly got a call from Psy, the CEO of her new agency PNation. The hosts moved on from teasing her to teasing Psy over the phone call. But throughout the episode, Hwasa was her unfiltered honest self, just like the previous moments, proving once again that no amount of hate or unfair pushback can censor her authenticity!