MAMAMOO Make K-Pop Girl Group History With Their Solo Releases

It proves just how talented the members are!

MAMAMOO has become the only K-Pop girl group where all members have a solo album that has sold 50,000 copies on Hanteo!

| @mamamoo_official/Instagram

Wheein became the final member of the group to release a solo album with her latest release Redd. On April 20, Hanteo announced that it had sold 50,000 copies since its release.

She is not alone in proving her success as a soloist. Moonbyul‘s debut EP Dark Side of the Moon, Solar‘s single album Spit It Out, and Hwasa‘s debut EP Maria also sold more than 50,000 copies after they were released!

| @mamamoo_official/Instagram

With all of the members achieving success with their albums, it makes them the only female K-Pop group where the whole group has sold over 50,000 copies of their solo releases.

It is an outstanding achievement and proves just how talented MAMAMOO is as both a group and soloists!

You can watch the video for Wheein’s latest track, “water color,” below!

Source: FI and @Mamamoocharts