These 4 Idols Look Like Siblings – Even They Themselves Were Shook At The Resemblance

Many joked the four idols are the true “Bunny Line!”

There is nothing that K-Pop fans love more than finding similarities between idols. From similar features to being nearly identical twins, it seems inevitable that so many good-looking people would share similarities.

Some idols have always been linked together because of their similarities which means they could easily pass as a family! Of course, everyone knows about the resemblance between TXT‘s Soobin and BTOB‘s Minhyuk (even the idols and their families)…

BTOB’s Minhyuk (left) and TXT’s Soobin (right) | @TXT_members/ Twitter

Well, there are two more artists that have always been linked with Soobin and Minhyuk when it comes to a familial resemblance, and it’s none other than MAMAMOO‘s Moonbyul and ASTRO‘s Sanha.

After releasing his track “WHO” with bandmate Moonbin, Sanha appeared on Moonbyul’s Studio Moon Night radio show to discuss everything from their latest album, their careers, and much more.

(left to right) MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul, ASTRO’s Moonbin and Sanha | Naver

In particular, Moonbyul discussed the fact that netizens seem to think all four of them look alike and added that they’ve often been compared to siblings in the past.

People often say that Moonbyul, BTOB’s Minhyuk, TXT’s Soobin, and ASTRO’s Sanha look like siblings!

— MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul

| @translatingTXT/ Twitter 

After hearing the comment, Sanha explained that it was something he had seen on social media as well. During the episode, Sanha explained that the resemblance between the four idols was something that even surprised him sometimes.

I saw a post about this on SNS too. I do think we look a little alike in real life. But when I saw the pictures, I was like, ‘Oh, do we really?’

— ASTRO’s Sanha

| @translatingTXT/ Twitter 

Moonbyul then shared that the resemblance doesn’t seem too similar when they’re together in real life. Yet, it seems more understandable when they see pictures of the idols together, especially when they’re doing similar activities.

In real life, it’s like, ‘Okay, maybe.’ But when you look at pictures like the ones of us doing similar things… It’s not even like, ‘Wow, they look the exact same.’ We look like we’re siblings.

— MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul

| @translatingTXT/ Twitter 

When the clip was released, netizens couldn’t help but hope that there would be a selfie with all four. Others pointed out how funny it was that all the idols were aware of how netizens think they look similar.

Someone even made an awesome edit of the four of them together…

Although the exact similarities between the four aren’t as distinct as the comparisons between Minhyuk and Soobin, there is no denying that they could be relatives. If you look at the photos of them, there are definitely similar features…

| @TXT_members/ Twitter

Hopefully, netizens don’t have to wait too long before they can see all four of the idols interact with each other. All four are so iconic and loved by netizens that the internet would go into meltdown when it finally happens.

You can read more about the idols talking about their similarities below.

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Source: @TranslatingTXT