TXT’s Soobin Resembles BTOB’s Minhyuk So Much That Even He Couldn’t Tell Them Apart

They are basically twins!

There is nothing that K-Pop fans love more than finding similarities between idols. From similar features to being nearly identical twins, it seems inevitable that so many good-looking people would share similarities.

However, one duo that has recently topped the list of idol lookalikes is BTOB‘s Minhyuk and TXT‘s Soobin! Since they first met, fans have been treated to interactions and selfies by the duo, proving they could be the same person.

BTOB’s Minhyuk (left) and TXT’s Soobin (right) | @TXT_members/ Twitter

However, it seems as if those similarities go further than just fans’ opinions, and the confusion is much closer to home for Soobin. Recently, Soobin sat down with fans on a live broadcast and chatted about everything from what he’s been up to, his love for BTS, and a lot more.


In particular, he spoke about a time when his friend sent him pictures of him and Minhyuk to see if Soobin could recognize who was who.

My friend, he sent me something. A friend of mine sent me 2-3 pictures and asked, ‘Guess who these are?’ There was a mix of pictures of Minhyuk and me.

— Soobin


As expected, Soobin thought he was very confident identifying the pictures and quickly sent his response. However, Soobin was shocked to realize that he had actually got one wrong.

I pointed at one picture of Minhyuk and said that it was me. So, when I get confused like this, in the eyes of a third person, we must look so alike. I even got one wrong.

— Soobin


Although it might seem odd, Soobin showed the picture to fans that he got wrong, and there is no denying that it looked a lot like Soobin rather than Minhyuk!


Soobin then joked that he thought his memory was failing when he thought the image was him because he didn’t remember the moment.

I was like, ‘I was wondering why I don’t have any memory of doing that. That wasn’t me.’

— Soobin

He then explained that he then shared the images in his own family group chat to see if they could tell them apart. He put in the chat, “Look, I turned out sexy, right?” and his mom agreed even though it wasn’t Soobin. Soobin wondered how fans could tell them apart if his own family couldn’t.


However, Soobin and his family aren’t alone in their confusion. Earlier in the month, Minhyuk did an interview where he shared that even his own family gets confused between the two. In the interview, he explained that the similarities between the two were even clear to his family.

In fact, even my parents and my older brother said they get confused. And I was like, “What?! Mom, how?!” Anyway… Yes, I am very well aware that I look exactly like Soobin.

— Minhyuk

| 노래는 듣고 다니냐 NORAE-ing/ YouTube 

Soobin would do an April Fools Day prank of exchanging selfies and seeing if fans could tell the difference. Considering he couldn’t even tell the difference, it might be a problem for him as well! Hopefully, the two don’t try and play and pranks on fans any time soon because it could even confuse those closest to them.

You can read more about people getting the two confused below.

BTOB’s Minhyuk Looks So Similar To TXT’s Soobin That Even His Family Gets Them Mixed Up

Source: TXT VLIVE and 노래는 듣고 다니냐 NORAE-ing